Doctor Who

Oh, look! a nickel.

I have, for quite a long while, philosophised that anything fictional whether read or watched is not good unless you fall in love with one of the characters. And I am happy to report that Doctor Who does not fail that speculation at all! The Doctor makes me sit in my room and wait for a Police Call Box to appear in front of me. But sadly that has not happened yet. I'm still waiting. 

But despite the bit of giddiness that is awakened in me when I see David Tennant on the screen, I am still plagued by certain things. (i.e. dual credit and summer reading)

Stop. Rant time!

College websites are the bane of my existence! I can't possibly describe in words how much I despise the AC site and all of its so-called "help." Help my ass. I have spent countless hours attempting to register for my classes. Starting with the small feat of trying to even attain my username and password. Oh, that was an ordeal! And then actually registering!? Good God, sometimes I wish I were Amish and didn't have to deal with the retchedness that is technology and all it entails. 

Now, summer reading. I've learned time and time again that procrastination is not the way to go with summer reading...And time and time again I have procrastinated. And guess what? This time wasn't different than any other! Just keeping with the tradition. But the good thing about this year's reading is that it's actually good. Give me a few plays, give me a few essays, and I'll give you me being actually delighted to read for school. 

Oh, and Carrie if you get on, what day and time is your theatre class? I'd really like to take it along with my others but I'm not quite sure if I'm able. But playwrting!? Ock, aye am I looking forward to that!

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Doctor Who

I'm back....

Oh, dear me! It's seems as though I am...I'm....I...Iammakingapostohmygosh!

And a collective gasp is heard across the cyberworld.

A cyber gasp that is.


But that is beside the point. The point is that...Well, alright, there really was no point to begin with unless......

OMG!HARRY-EFFING-POTTER could possibly count as a point.

Or more than a point meaning that I am having palpitations at this very moment just thinking of the Deathly Hallows. I have already come to the conclusion that some ocular leakage will occur. Ok, not just some. Quite a bit. A lot.

Oh, and just as an afterthought. Order of the Phoenix = the best HP movie so far. Not even kidding you. Hah. Like I'd kid about anything Harry Potter related. I'm for sirius!

Yeah, you're jealous of my skillz. With a 'z'.

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Doctor Who

Let's Do it for Johnny!

This, being my first entry, should (by decree of the sacred magic eight ball) be a momentous and even infamous writing. Or not. For how I feel at the moment, and every other moment in my life, is a sense that incessant rambling is, in fact, the thing of dreams. And that's why it has the unquestioned right to make absolutely no sense. Alright, moving along then. I have been thinking as of late about my lack of ambition to do much. I mean, I start many activities but still refuse to finish any of them. That could be considered one of three things: eiter I, as stated above, have no ambition, or I'm a procrastinator, or maybe I'm just having a bit of a break. Wait, it's because I'm a teenager and that means being all those things rolled into one. I love the fact that being a teenager can basically qualify as an explanation for anything. "So, I totally held up a conveinance store and shot a midget in the leg today." "Oh, really? Well, it's all just part of growing up." Ok, so that was a bit exaggerated...and maybe offensive...and probably not true but for the sake of proving the point that I have no idea about, it worked.

Anyways, my delay on finishing my books shall be put to an end as I have no excuse now that we're whatsover at theatre since we finished Shakespeare, I have nothing else to occupy my time. Except, of course, homework, but let's be honest, am I really going to waste my time on something so frivolous? Ha. Well, that's all I have to say. So, I'm signing off.